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  • Maverick Mosaics
    Maverick Mosaics is a wonderful place to work and play! The studio spills over with Bonnie's creativity and is nestled in a quaint, artsy area in Northern VA. I love it, LOVE it!

Mosaic Artists I Admire

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Julie, on the perfection topic as it relates to you - in my mind and heart you already are perfect! Keep marching forward, you are doing great and I love watching your work develop. Your presence at Maverick Mosaics is a wonderful ray of sunshine. Also, I really like the grout discussion and factoring it into design. The examples you site are very helpful!

Julie McKee

Thank you, Brit. My heart felt loosened from my ego as I read your beautiful definition of true perfection. Thank you for your response.

Brit Hammer

perfection |pərˈfek sh ən|
the condition, state, or quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects.

What a subjective word, perfection. So what is perfection, really? Who decides? The ego or the heart?

For me, true perfection is something made from the heart, with love. In my world, anything made with love will resonate much more than something "technically perfect" that is lacking love.

And Julie, your love shines!!!

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